Right now during Covid-19 and many of us having time to reflect this is the ideal time to re-visit your Values and undertake a Values Elicitation Exercise.  Many of us have had time to discover new ways of living and are experiencing new thoughts of what we want from our day to day lives. 

What Defines you ?  

So who and what determines exactly what is important to you and how you go about your day to day life?


So take time to think about the Values that you must honour in your life?  What is most important?

Your Values are a very useful guideline for measuring your behaviour and choices.  This maybe something you have never actually thought and self reflected about before.    If you find that there are moments in your life where you are feeling frustrated, unfulfilled, indecisive, unhappy then you are more than likely not living the life you truly want in accordance with your values and could well be living through someone else’s Values.

For example if one of your Values is Respect and you feel you are not getting the Respect you deserve in your personal life or in your workplace then this needs to be examined in greater depth to find out Why?  Are you respecting people in your life and if you show dis-respect, how does this make you feel?  This exercise involves deep self reflection which can be examined in our Coaching Sessions.

Some questions for you to consider.

What is important to you in your life?

What was a moment that has touched you the most?

What is a moment that has gone particularly well for you?

Identify moments when you are most happy.

What excites you?

How do you know when you have done a good job?

What makes you feel strong?

What makes you unique?

What makes you angry or upset?

What is essential for your life on a day to day basis?


Brainstorm some answers to the above questions and this is the starting point for you to examine your life to see what is truly important to you.

Take a moment to think about your Values and what is truly important to you.  List your Top 10 Values.












Take a look at list you have made and give each Value a score out of 10 – if your scores are 6 and below then this Value needs to be examined and I am here to support you to get back on track with this.   For example if one of your values is Fun and your score is low then we can look at ways on how you can introduce more fun into your life.

If you need support to uncover your true Values then Values Coaching with me can give you the space and time for us to explore exactly what is important to you and how you can incorporate these into your daily lifestyle.  This is an ongoing process and you can re-visit your Values regularly which will introduce new ways of living for you and open your mind to living much more effectively, purposefully and more focused.

Feel free to contact me anytime for a free discovery session and further information.

Alison x