About Me

Hi, I’m Alison.

Welcome to My Life today Today Coaching and Support Services – your one to one bespoke service to support you to live your life to the full.

I am very passionate about life this is why I love to support you too.

My working life from leaving school mainly involved working in a Bank, I enjoyed this very much, working in a team environment, meeting new people and giving first class customer service.  Following this I had my 4 children and then realised, once my children had all started school I wanted to try something new, being a Mum highlighted to me I wanted to help people more and be more hands on.  I then started working at my local hospital as a Healthcare Assistant and then onto support a lovely lady in the community in her own home.

Around 2007 I also experienced the sudden loss of my mum and this highlighted to me how precious life is and living life to the full in the present moment.   I started on my personal development journey following this and in 2012 I completed my NLP Practitioner Certification and then my Personal Performance Coach Certification.  These courses were so inspirational and I loved every minute of them, opening my mind, gaining more self confidence, direction and life changing awakenings.

I absolutely love working with you one to you and I offer lifestyle coaching and/or  also a Personal Assistant support service too in the community which again, is a more hands on approach, either in your own home or out and about.  I want to remain flexible so that you can live your best life in your given situation.  I also have clients too that like a combination of both the Personal Assistant Service and the Lifestyle Coaching and I have seen such dramatic results with this service too.   The connection I build with you one to one can have such a positive impact on your life on a daily basis.

I look forward opening your mind with Coaching and supporting you on your journey to live your best life.

Put yourself at the top of your to-do list.

Coaching will give you a personal one to one service, by the use of varied techniques it will enable you to personally develop to become the best version of yourself.

About me

There are times where we need someone to encourage, support and believe in us. To accommodate clients with busy working hours my times are flexible.

Self Esteen

Together we will explore your inner world and thought patterns to help build a better relationship with yourself.

Life Balance

& Stress Management
If you are living with high levels of stress I can help you manage this more effectively but helping to develop a “Stress Relief Tool Box”.


I can help you to develop your confidence and self belief through various techniques enable you to feel confident.


We all have challenging transitions to overcome throughout our lives but with the right support, together we can embrace positive change.


& Goal Setting
When we stop to set goals and think about what we really want. Start living a conscious life.