Life Balance and Living Intentionally

Life Balance and Living Intentionally

Are you feeling stuck and unfulfilled with your current routines on a daily basis?

Creating a fulfilling balanced life means making time for the things you WANT to do as well as the things you HAVE to do.

It may well be a good time to reflect on your daily activities, change your focus to what you do want and experiment with new daily changes.

So a balanced life is important for your happiness, health and overall wellbeing.   With us living these days in such a fast paced environment it is so easy to go through life on an automated treadmill of spending way too much time at work and doing day to day activities that we don’t actually really want to be doing.

YOU HAVE THE POWER to create harmony between your responsibilities and also to spend time experimenting with new activities and enjoying what you love as well as re-charging your inner self too.

You are in control of the quality of your life, take time out to work out exactly what you do want, it takes time, but small steps to change can be so effective.

To search for balance is a continuous work in progress, embracing change can also be difficult (see my blog on Embracing change for more info), coming to terms with new routines can be challenging but once change starts to take place in the different areas of your life to gain more balance, you do see much more rewarding daily lifestyle.

So be realistic, understand your needs and build your life according to it.

We all seek to find fulfilment in the different areas of our daily lives and this is what makes our lives meaningful.  We are all different and finding meaning and motivations behind what we do and how we balance these in our lives takes time.

By understanding what matters to us, then we change our focus, in small steps, making small daily changes.  Understanding yourself and Values – so what is important to you is a massive step towards living a fulfilling, balanced life.

The first step is actually feeling unhappy where you are, you may be feeling happy in some areas of your life but not others.

Whatever is not serving you on a day to day basis, then I can open your mind to new ways of moving forward.

You may want to build a better relationship with yourself?

You may want to re-think your career?

You might want to start a new love relationship?

You might want to start new hobbies?

You may want to contribute more in your community?

You may want to inject more fun into your life?

Often we follow beliefs that do not serve our happiness – we accept behaviour from others that does not serve our happiness – we often accept it and carry on.

Sometimes we stay stuck because we feel we ought to stay where we are but there are always choices and options for change.

You gain a new sense of power when you start to take action.

Contact me for a complimentary session so we can look at all the different areas of your life to see which  areas you want to start working on first.

If you want to talk further with me and want further support to open your mind to leading a more balanced and fulfilled life then feel free to contact me for a chat.

Once we understand ourselves and our needs and desires – the rest all starts to fall into place.

Alison x