Goal Setting 2020

Goal Setting 2020

I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and have enjoyed your special time with family and friends.

With the New Year approaching it is time to set new goals for 2020 and beyond.   Many of us set new years resolutions which often we do not stick to and our motivation can go down hill quite quickly, leaving us defeated and directionless.  Setting goals are a powerful way to achieve and sustain success and gives us focus for the year ahead.

Some of the benefits of goal setting:-

Provides direction and focus for the year/years ahead.

Puts you in Control of your future

Gives you motivation to succeed and be your best self

Gives more purpose to your life

With some planning and remaining consistent, you can set goals that you will achieve in 2019.


My 5 really important tips around goal setting are as follows:-

1. Set Goals that Really Motivate You

When you set goals for yourself it is important that they really motivate you.  Ask yourself the questions, is achieving this really important to me? Why do I want to achieve this? What are the benefits going to be to me?

Take time out to visualise how you are going to feel too once you have achieved your goal, this will also help to build up the motivation.


2. Set SMART Goals

You may well have heard of this already.  For goals to be powerful they need to be designed to be SMART.

SPECIFIC – your goal must be clear and well defined.  This is also gives you a clear idea of exactly what you really want to achieve.

MEASURABLE – making precise amounts and time frames allows you to measure your success.  Knowing how you are going to measure your success gives you a clear understanding and framework to work around.

ACHIEVABLE – making a goal that is achievable will keep you more motivated.  A goal that is too big can be too daunting and can erode at your enthusiasm and confidence to achieve.

RELEVANT – setting a goal which is relevant to the direction you want your life to head in will keep you more motivated and you will want to focus your time into.

TIME BOUND – setting a deadline is more likely to keep you motivated and on track and will also give you that time to celebrate success. When you are working on a deadline your sense of urgency increases and you are more likely to achieve the results quicker.


3. Writing your Goal Down

The actual art of writing your goal down will engrave it in your subconscious mind.  It makes the goal a lot more real and you may even find that making a vision board and displaying this visually around your office or home will keep you visually reminded of where you are heading and what you want to achieve.

State your goal in the positive about what you want to achieve and the benefits this will give you for the future.


4. Make an Action Plan

Writing down small steps with an action plan, creating a to do list and then ticking off as you achieve will show you how much progress you are making towards your goal.


5. Be Consistent and stick with your intentions

Goal setting is ongoing, working out exactly what will keep you on track is important otherwise you can easily talk yourself out of where you really want to be heading.


Goals can be set in all areas of your life.  A really good starting point for 2019 to gather ideas together is to write down everything you want to BE, DO and HAVE. 

You can let your imagination run wild and write these down on a sheet of paper under the 3 columns.  After 24 hours, review your list and add anything else that comes into your mind.  You should now have a fairly full list of things that you want.

This gives you a really good starting point for next year …….. take a look through your list and work out which items are really important to you to work on now.

Good luck with focusing on being the Best You for 2020!