Congratulations Students … time to re-charge

Congratulations Students … time to re-charge

Congratulations on all your massive hard work, dedication and motivation.  Time to Celebrate. Wow you’ve finished your exams …..for many of you this signals the beginning of fun, relaxation and being stress free but sometimes you do feel worse than you did during your exams. Its re-assuring to understand that you are not alone.    For many of you, your alarm goes off and you sit up and think, time to study,  oh no, actually I have nothing to do and the question could start building what do i do now?   There’s no motivation and no light at the end of the tunnel and you begin to feel tired and unmotivated.

So why am I feeling this way?

When you are focused on a task and in this case studying, your brain releases a chemical called serotonin, which is responsible for balancing your mood.  It also helps you to focus when you are trying to concentrate on a task, such as studying.  Once the exams are over, although the stress from the studying has been removed and there’s nothing to worry about, the level of serotonin can drop which can lead to depression in time.

How can I overcome this?

So to overcome this, although your mind really does need a break and plenty of sleep, in addition, find activities that interest you, allowing you to set goals.  Your serotonin level will increase as you progress.  There are so many varied hobbies these days to get our creativity flowing, you will be amazed once you start focusing on new or re-visiting old hobbies how creative your brain can become.

Although plenty of sleep too, to allow your brain and body to re-charge is so important, overcome the exhaustion of stress and see where the creativity of your mind takes you.

“Take the time and freedom to explore the journey of life”