Are limiting beliefs preventing you from becoming the person you want to be?

Are limiting beliefs preventing you from becoming the person you want to be?

Beliefs are assumptions that we make about ourselves and can be shaped  by attaching ourselves emotionally to events, people, places and circumstances.  We effectively build the foundations of our belief systems around our day to day reality.

We all have beliefs and expectations about how we expect things to be in our world plus theories and ideas of how they ought to be. Our beliefs can be shaped by positive or negative input from the world around you.  Your expectations help you to understand yourself, to understand others plus the world around you and they help you to feel more certain and focused about your future.

Through life experience you collect evidence, ideas and facts of what serves you and what doesn’t.  The older you become, you grow into your ideal reality and how you really love to live your life, this is all through positive and negative experiences.

A limiting belief can make you believe that a particular goal is not achievable, or that you are not good enough or intelligent enough through negative input from other sources.  You may never have actually taken any action towards this goal before and by allowing negative chatter to creep in and influence your decisions, this can limit you from progressing forward to what you really want to achieve.

Ideas and Steps to move you forward :-

If there is something you really want to achieve …… visualise what you really want, imagine yourself achieving your goal, how does this look and feel to you? what are you hearing?  what benefit will achieving this have on your life?

When your mind chatter talks you out of this ……. Challenge it!  What is the evidence you cannot achieve?

What are you waiting for?  The longer you procrastinate and put ideas off  the harder it can become to ignite the passion again.

Do you need any extra support to get you going, extra training, support from family, friends or colleages?

Bring this goal to the forefront of your mind ……. what positive step can you take to move you one step closer?

What skills do you have that you can use to move yourself forward?

Write down and  brainstorm ideas …… Taking small steps can empower you and build up your confidence.

We all have the power inside us to achieve and with the right support and  positive encouragement this is possible.

What have you achieved before and how did you get there?

Change your life for the better by following your inner intuition and open your mind to life changing choices and new possibilities.

The feeling of wanting to achieve may not disappear if this is something you really feel is worth working for, so good luck and if you do feel you need any extra support please do get in touch.

Alison 🙂