5 Ways to Instantly Feel Happier

5 Ways to Instantly Feel Happier

Every day is a fresh opportunity for changes, especially now the Winter is over, are you filled with excitement or do you have a niggling feeling of sadness which questions whether you will ever feel happier?  Here are 5 simple ways that you can instantly inject some happiness into your day.

Celebrate …..

How often do you stop and celebrate your progress or share your positive experiences with others?  We are all worthy of celebrating life achievements and stop and think how lucky we are and grateful at times to be here to appreciate life itself. Just appreciating we are here to experience so many precious times and showing gratitude is really fulfilling and sharing good times with the ones we love.

Take time out to be mindful and present of what is really going on as you rush around, which we can all get lost in, with the many routines of working, running a home etc.

Be in Control …….

When you allow yourself to accept that you have full responsibility and control of your life and you gain full power over your feelings then this can boost our self esteem and makes us feel empowered and free.

When we take happiness into our own hands instead of waiting for others to make us happy, this enables us to create the life we love.

Set Goals, make plans, have intentions …..

Some of the happiest people know exactly what they want and where they are going in life. Some people need a goal/plan it gives us the motivation and something to aim for.   Although many people are happy as they are, a lot of us need something to focus on and strive towards.  Each step you take towards your goal can help you feel comfortable with stretching your boundaries and increase your sense of pride and satisfaction for progress.

When you achieve your goal it can also build up your confidence to try more things and increase your happiness levels, know that you are safe to try new things and move forward in your life.


Go out into the world and explore, new hobbies, sports, meeting friends etc,  join a new social group, staying indoors can make you feel isolated at times.

Getting out in the fresh air gives your brain a chance to let go of stresses of work or home life, leaving you feeling uplifted and ready for action !  The power is in your hands of where your  mind and body takes you.

Be Spontaneous ……..

Nothing more exciting than being spontaneous.   Some routines and habits are good and they keep us productive and comfortable.     Sometimes this becomes boring and the same routine is sometimes as a result of our limiting beliefs and anxieties keeping us lazy.