Coaching Experiences

Coaching Experiences – Achieve With Me

I offer many different Coaching Experiences:

One to one coaching sessions are flexible and totally tailored to you.
I coach one to one, face to face at the venue of your choice, my office, over Facetime, Skype, Zoom, telephone or email.

I am affordable and flexible and my prices depend on the length of your session.

My services are all uniquely tailored to suit you.

  • Speed Coaching is 30 minutes
  • Sessions from One Hour upwards are available too – the length is totally your choice
  • Half Day
  • Full Day
  • Monthly subscription
  • Full Life Design Service (which can be payable in monthly instalments)
  • Coaching on the Go Service which includes supporting you whilst attending an event or activity.
  • Corporate Wellness – Coaching experiences within your business for staff for positive change in any area

To discuss working with me further  please contact me on 07399 738802, by email or via my contact page.

Free one-to-one discovery session available too.

All my local group workshops, some of which are free, my extra group “Lifestyle Café” sessions and any extra events will be advertised on my Website Blog, Facebook page @Mylifetoday50 and my Instagram @mylifetoday50.

Contact me now

Free one to one chat which I call my “lifestyle café session”, this is so that I can find out more about how I can support you with my sessions and what you want to achieve.

This is also to find out whether my services are right for you and that you are happy too. This is your space to explore your world so it is important we meet where you are comfortable. This can be arranged as follows:

  • Call me, email me or message to arrange:
    Free One to one for a cuppa and chat a location of your choice. This can be at your home, my offices in central Eastbourne, a local café, hotel or an outdoor location. It has to be in an environment where you feel comfortable meeting.
  • A free one-to-one mindfulness walk, along with a chat.
  • Free meet over skype
  • Free chat over telephone
  • Contact me for free Welcome Pack